Master’s Swimming Workout


Just to jump into it, here is an idea of a typical swimming session that I might have on a Saturday morning. I am an Olympic Distance Triathlete, so I tend to have shorter swim workouts, and do more speed work instead. Mixing up plans like this with some drills is a great way to get your body moving, and build you up to race-ready speeds. Let me know how this swim is for you!

300m Warm up (100 swim/50 kick, repeat)
4x50m kick @ :60
200m easy swim
3x50m kick @ :55
150m easy swim
2x50m kick @ :50
100m easy swim
1x50m kick FAST!
50m easy swim
4x150m swim @ 2:20 (25 right arm/25 left arm/100 swim)
4x200m pull @ 2:50 (descend 1-4)
4x250m swim @ 3:45 (100 IM/50 free/100 IM)
450m cool down (50 choice/100 swim, repeat)

Swim Hard, Swim Fast, Stay Fit xx


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