Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets Criticism

eating disorder
It’s unbelievable how much a simple documentary can distort so many views on lifestyle choices, as well as inappropriately define a disorder to the point where it looks like people are just “Crying Wolf”. The recent BBC Documentary “Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets” does an amazing job at picking out the unscientific/harmful diet trends/fads, as well as representing how unhealthy some of the otherwise stated lifestyle choices are. Adversely, however, it fails to explain the scope as to what “Orthorexia” actually is, how it affects those with it, and why people are diagnosed with it. It is in reference to the fixation on eating a perfectly “clean” diet, and the overwhelming guilt if one frays from it. It can lead to social isolation, as those with it do not want to approach social situations where they may be exposed to the unfavourable foods that they so adamantly avoid, fixation on mediating every item of food consumed (some may not even have that small piece of dark chocolate, as they feel guilty), closely monitoring food, and leading to things such as compulsive food tracking, and overtraining. Though it may seem “healthy and desirable”, it’s more of the mental impact on the fixation to maintaining this lifestyle, and the elevated guilt and worthlessness associated with it, rather than the lifestyle choices themselves. Yes, the idea of “clean eating” is great, if you can balance all of the food groups, consume the proper macros and micros, and exercise at least 3 times per week, what isn’t healthy is not being able to enjoy a night out, encompass the 80% healthy, 20% unhealthy rule, and fixating on maintaining a nearly impossible diet in this day and age.

This is the link to the documentary: . I do suggest watching it, but I also suggest considering all of what i said above.
Additionally, this is the link to a site explaining eating disorders (including Orthorexia). I also suggest you look through this, if you are ready to judge.

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