Louisiana Chilli Shack


So, as we all know, London has a TON of hidden gems for restaurants. It’s no myth that you can walk down almost any street in London and pass at least one restaurant in that time. With me, and what draws my attention in is if I see anything posting “Gluten Free”. This automatically gets me excited, as I know I can trust the restaurant not to contaminate the food. This was very true for Louisiana Chilli Shack. I passed their cute booth at The Kerb in Camden, and was automatically drawn in! They had a snazzy display in the front of what their nachos looked like, a rather appealing chef behind the booth, and “Gluten Free” posted in bold on their sign. I thought I would give the rest of The Kerb a chance and look around, but I found myself longing for these Texan-styled nachos (for those who know me, nachos are by far my favourite food). The next brilliant surprise is when I noticed they had a vegan option, and used vegan yogurt instead of cream. Basically everything I could ask for. They also had a chicken option, as well as a beef option. I couldn’t decide between the Voodoo chicken or Vegan Bean-Wa, so the chef graciously mixed the both for me, AFTER letting me try samples of them first. Both I would rate 10/10 for taste, which is why choosing between the both was so difficult. The chilli came with Gluten Free Tortilla Chips, BBQ Beef, Voodoo Chicken or Vegan  Bean-Wa Chilli topping (all of which were exquisite!!), vegan yogurt, salsa, rice, GLUTEN FREE HOMEMADE CORN BREAD!!! I’ve never been a fan of corn bread until now! The dish was MASSIVE for a good price, and since it was so good, somehow I polished off the entire thing. After I finished scarfing it down (and getting my 6 other friends to join in on getting their own, since I couldn’t share), the owner/chef came over and gave us some more hot, freshly made corn bread to enjoy. I must admit, the customer service was spectacular here! He kept us laughing and smiling, and made sure we were satisfied with our choices.

So to those who are looking for vegan/ gluten free in London, please…PLEASE give this amazing new restaurant a chance! I promise you won’t regret it!

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