Marketing.. And how clever it’s getting

With the days of social media, business marketing is getting smarter and smarter. Now, new brands love to play on our egos and try to grasp our attention. Today alone, I have had 6 starter clothing companies message me telling me they “love my look and my Instagram” and would love me to be an ambassador for the company. The catch? Well… They give me a promo code and id get a 25-35% discount on their clothing with some “bonus added gifts” which is likely to be a rubber bracelet or some stickers. Although it may seem crazy appealing that a new and innovative company “likes your look”, this is just an example of them playing on your ego, making you think you could be special to their company and featured, meanwhile it’s only a marketing scam where they can get you to buy their product, still allowing them to profit, and in turn they get free marketing as you are likely to rep their apparel, advertise it to your followers and push their company. I admittivly almost fallen into this trap when I first began my social media quest, but now I know better, and can see these schemes for what they are. I do, however, ambassador for Quest Nutrition, because they sponsor my lifestyle, I believe in their company (and started with their products when they first released), and they send me product (I don’t have to pay). So next time a company contacts you… Think about what YOU will get out of it, if you have to buy product, and if you actually need, or will use the product.

Market smart, lift heavy xx

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