The Back Pain Revolution 

This post is more to get you guys thinking before I put fourth my thoughts and opinions. I am currently in the process of studying for Spinal Exams for my Physiotherapy Degree, and what I have learned in the past few months about back pain has been shocking. I’m very much an MSk type Physio, always wanting to base my treatment in a mechanical way, with adding a holistic approach on the side. Since taking this back pain module though, I’ve learned I need to approach back pain the opposite way… from a MIND and THEN body approach. In other words… chronic back pain is more in your mind than it is in your back. Don’t believe me? I’ll give you some research reviews in the process of attempting to prove it. Researchers have found that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is better for long term back pain than doing Specifically Prescribed Exercises, having manual therapy by a therapist, and a plethora of other things. Crazy, right? But think about it next time… when your back pain gets worse… are you stressed? Do you have a lot on your mind? Or even simply, are you just worried that your back pain is causing you harm, and has the potential to become even more damaged? More than likely, your back is fine! Get up, shake it off and take a breath. Meditate if you must! I’ll be coming back to you next week with a more hearty post for you all 🙂

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