Week 1 Without Caffeine


One week in to not consuming any caffeine, and boy has it made a difference! I have not felt anxious or stressed at all this week, and shockingly, also have not had any caffeine withdrawal symptoms such as headaches or overwhelming fatigue.

Surprisingly, I feel quite opposite. I have been sleeping much better, and have not felt the need to have any caffeine secondary to fatigue all week. I know many people have such a dependence on caffeine, but luckily, I only had pre-workout and one cup of either coffee or tea per day, so I didn’t build one up. I have, however, spoken to some friends who have also tried the caffeine detox, and they have felt the complete opposite of me; pounding headaches, fatigue, lack of appetite, and some even reported to feel shaky at times.

Although I’ve been quite lucky with coming off caffeine, I’ve also found, unfortunately, my workouts have suffered. I generally exercise at 6am, which would require me to have a scoop or two of pre-workout. If anyone’s tried pre-workout before, you would know that it does more than just give you a caffeine boost. It also helps with vasodilation (increasing blood flow to your muscles), and increased ATP breakdown (your body’s energy sources). Although none of my lifts have decreased, they also haven’t increased, and I have plateaued all week (even with cardio). So what does this mean..?

I may try to have my Grenade pre workout a couple times this week to see if my workouts pick back up. The reason why I am tempted to try it this week is because I have no deadlines, exams, or any other commitments that may elicit some stress this week. This way, I can see if there is either a correlation with caffeine itself, stress itself, stress and caffeine combined, or nothing at all. I will keep you all updated on the progress! 🙂 The scientist in me feels the need to try many trials (hence the control trial ;)).

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