How To Beat The Christmas Bulk

Did you know that the average person eats 7000kcal on Christmas? A little bit crazy, isn’t it? We all have been working so hard all year to keep away the excess calories, and work towards our “ideal” body, but somehow during the holiday season, all our willpower tends to disappear, and we binge time and time again, while always finding excuses as to why it’s appropriate.

Better late than never…. why not post about avoiding bad eating habits the day before Christmas. This way you won’t forget, as it will be fresh in your mind, right? Or, in other words, I have been procrastinating writing, and spending times with friends and family instead….T’is the season!

I’m here to help you openly binge without the guilt of doing so. Here are a few tips and tricks that I use (and will seem apparently obvious, but won’t be thought of unless otherwise stated).

  1. Eat lower calorie meals on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. I aim for around 1200 calories on both of these days, and maybe a few more throughout the week just to be safe. If you’re deficient each of those days, the Christmas calories won’t be as detrimental.
  2. Sleep in and then have a healthy brunch rather than a breakfast and lunch. This will help to avoid extra morning calories, and give you a little more wiggle-room for dinner.
  3. Use a smaller plate, especially if the dinner is buffet style. This will trick your brain into thinking you are eating just as much, and will help you to feel satisfied just as much as if you had a massive plate.
  4. Help take part in Christmas meal preparations, or bring your own dishes to contribute to the meals. This is your time to show how well you can season some vegetables or make a wicked salad, while keeping it low-calorie.
  5. Parsnips not potatoes. This way you still get the satisfaction of a root vegetable with half the calories.
  6. It’s all about the vegetables. Fill ¾ of every plate with vegetables to fill you up, so you avoid over consuming the more calorific foods.
  7. When choosing your turkey, opt for the white meat. Although everyone loves the fattier portions and pounces for the skin, you will be adding way too many unnecessary calories to your meal. Try to remind yourself of all the other great foods on the menu as well. Do you really want to indulge on skin instead? 40 unnecessary calories per portion…
  8. Also, while cutting the meats, try to throw out the fattier portions before they are even presented on the table. This will ensure you make the smarter decisions.
  9. Choose one item on your plate to pour the succulent gravy over. You may want it over your turkey, mashed potatoes and Yorkshire pudding, but try to avoid this if you can. Use other toppings such as mustard (0 calories) with your turkey, or hot sauce with your vegetables, it tastes great and is guilt-free.
  10. On that note, chose a maximum of two sauces. With cranberry sauce, gravy, white sauce, etc., it’s easy to want it all and to add up quick.
  11. Avoid opening your Christmas chocolate on the day. Keep it in your mind that you’ll have enough tasty food to eat that day, and you’ll appreciate it more next week instead (delayed gratification is key!). If you can’t resist, however, only open one box, and sharing is caring.
  12. Choose smart alcohols to drink. A vodka and diet cranberry in a classy wine glass can help you feel as though you’re indulging, but really holding back.
  13. Balance the dessert table. For every baked good or pastry, also have a piece of fruit. I tend to present fruits that I don’t typically eat on a daily basis like pineapple or mango, just so it still feels as if it’s a treat.

On that note, ladies and gentleman, I wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas full of love and cheer. I look forward to seeing your exciting meals followed by your punishing Boxing Day workouts. If you have any tips and tricks to add to my list, let me know! I’d love to hear it!

Stay Fit xx

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