We All Have Bad Days Part I


So, I have a new and exciting announcement to make. Blogger Kiki Mairi and I have decided to try to team up to bring you some new, interesting content. Just bear with me as I give you a run down of how we have come to this collaboration.

After watching her push through life as a young, brilliant, beautiful mother to an amazing, gorgeous daughter and envying all her hard work and dedication towards her family and herself, I found myself envious of how well she has been coping, especially as 2016 was not particularly the kindest year to her and her family. From an outsiders perspective, seeing her social media persona (and her amazing photography skills capturing her life, I believed that she was doing very well with such a crazy, mean year. What I couldn’t see is how she actually felt, and what parts of her life weren’t advertised on social media. She had dealt with the death of her best friend (who was widely known as her brother from another mother), amongst other cruel happenings in her life, which I won’t go into detail with you.

It wasn’t until Kiki Mairi and I headed to the gym together for a nice, long training session (which she had to push me to do, as I just wanted to laze around on the sofa all day) when I realized that I social media was full of betrayal. This is not meant to sound harsh, but she had helped me realize that it only captures the glamorous moments in our lives, not anything behind-the-scenes. After our gym session, we sat down for a nice long chat, when she told me that she thinks I’m superwoman, as my online persona portrays me as an extremely motivated, dedicated individual who never dreads going to the gym (or skips it), who never has a cheat meal, and who is always frolicking through life as a ray of sunshine. Needless to say, this took me by surprise, as I felt the same about her. I then explained to her that I have days (many of them) where I contemplate skipping the gym (or actually skip it), or I come home and order take out, or just simply get pissed off at the smallest of things, and dwell on it. We all have bad days (yes, some more than others), and we all cope differently. Having friends helps us get through these times, but adversely, having certain friends may also make it very difficult. We pride ourselves on how great our online persona is, and envy others who have an even better persona, but we never stop to consider their hardships, or their bad days.

The point I’m trying to make here is we all have days where our will-power isn’t so great, where we want to sit in sweat pants, eat an entire bag of sour cream and onion crisps (or chips, to my North American readers) and binge watch Netflix. I can tell you that I have many days like this, where I skip my workout, come home, take off my makeup (if I even put it on that morning), and just veg out. It’s completely normal!! I’ve been told that people are envious about my everlasting dedication to the gym or how “clean” my diet is and how they wish they could do the same. I want all these people to know that I do eat junk food, I do skip workouts, and I do have days were I am grumpy and hangry and less than pleasant to be around. So, next time you see someone’s social media account, and you begin to envy their life, or feel less-than-adequate because you’ve compared yourself to them, I want you to remember this post. We all have great days, and we all have horrible days. Even the richest man or the most beautiful woman in the world do. You can be a Victoria’s Secret Model and still feel fat, or a top chef and still cook less-than-adequate mac and cheese for dinner. We need to stop being so hard on ourselves, and stop trying to compare ourselves to everyone we see on social media. We are now in a day in age where social media is shaping our society, thus causing everyone to feel down on him or herself. Love yourself, be grateful of what you have, and remember, tomorrow is a new day!


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  1. Katie Brown says:

    Loved reading this and it’s exactly why I’ve decided to come off Instagram for a while because it only shows the absolute best of everyone and never truly shows what goes on behind closed doors! Glad i’m not the only one that has bad days!


    1. kmsfitness says:

      I love that you liked it! I think it’s so smart to get off social media, even if it’s just for a short trial period! Trust me, I have plenty of bad days…I just don’t it stop me the next day 🙂


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