Overcoming Depression With Exercise Part III


Finally, it’s the weekend again! Unfortunately for me, I finished a long week of orthopedic physiotherapy placement, only to work all weekend at my part-time job as a Front Of House Staff. I hope everyone gets to relax a little bit more than me, especially my girl Kiki. She appears to have had a relatively successful week last week at following my suggestions that 1) The gym isn’t the only way to exercise, and 2) Set up a yoga mat next to your bed for a little motivation on those off days! You can check out her recent post on how she is finding the use of exercise to help overcome her depression!

Now, I have two super fun suggestions for you guys this week! My favourite thing in the world to do is online shop…especially on GymShark, Lululemon and Nike! There is nothing quite like feeling great in a new pair of very flattering tights and showing them off at the gym!

  1. Buy some fancy new gym clothes and wear them even when you’re not exercising, or have them packed and ready to go with you at all times, even if you’re not planning to go to the gym. They’ll be there just in case you feel motivated and ready to give ‘er.
  2. Download your favourite music that keeps you going. I love Spotify for this reason. If I’m feeling upset, I might listen to some hard rock, or if I’m feeling peppy, I may listen to some upbeat Pop. Find music to suit your moods.. all moods! In my blog post about music and motivation I gave a full explanation on why it might help.

By next weekend, Kiki should have an update on how she found these two suggestions, and how they worked for her!

Stay fit xx

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