Why I’m “Cutting”

I always try to preach that it’s not about the scale, it’s about how you look and feel, and even about how your measurements (i.e. hip and waist) change over time. If you follow me on social media recently, you might have seen me talking about needing to cut 1.2kg in the next 2 weeks. Ridiculous most would think, especially as this goes against what I normally preach, as I don’t believe your body weight should matter (if you look at most fitness models, they look MUCH better/fitter at a higher weight). BUT, here’s why!

I have recently joined a Weightlifting Team with my University, and have a competition coming up at the end of the month. I have had a difficult time finding the right technique (snatches and clean and jerks are really… really difficult to make “click”).  I’ve been training very hard since I joined in September, and following my coaches program religiously (right down to calculated percentages). This being said, my totals aren’t the greatest, and I feel definitely do not reflect my overall strength.

For my weight, I can either be the smallest of the 49-53 group, where my total would have to be 80kg between the two lifts (which I’m not sure I could get), or I could cut down to 48 (I’m currently 49.2) and have a total of 75kg that I would need to reach (which I’m sure I can do).

Although I feel I could achieve this weight simply with some time in the sauna and some fasting the day before, I don’t want to add that much pressure of “what if it doesn’t work”. This being said, I am going to just add some more cardio the next two weeks, and eat a little less each day so I can be confident I could reach that weight by the weight-in.

I spoke to my mom about this, and right away (as a protective mother, rightfully so) she was against the idea, especially as I’m already quite tiny, she didn’t want me to even consider the idea of cutting (or a crash-diet, as most people would put it). Right away, she sent me some research about the Female Traid. I know this is a very touchy subject, and is a big worry for most, but it is short-term, and nothing drastic. I will still be eating lots, and exercising at a healthy level. I will just be cutting back my calories by 300-400 per day to get there easy and quick (coming from a 2200 per day diet, that is not bad at all).

Here is the link she sent me, in case you are curious:


If it was a long-term cut, I’d be worried…but it’s short term, not a lot of weight, and will be fast and simple, followed by A LOT of bulking afterwards to up my strength for hopefully another competition.

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