Campus Society

I have recently been very lucky getting in touch with the right people, at the right time. This is brought about by either going out on a whim and contacting people (especially new start-up businesses) or by being lucky and adding the right tags to your photos. This was the case with me when I found Campus Society (or rather, they found me…).

To explain a little bit about this site, it’s based around University Students in England. There are tons of different pages for different interests, as well as all programs and universities in the area for students to access. It helps form groups of people with similar passions to be able to interact with one another in a happy, comfortable online environment. Some of my favourite pages are “Spoon University”, “Blogger Network”, “Money Saving Tips & Discount Codes”, “Health and Fitness”, “Ask A Senior” ” and finally “Campus Giveaway”. Yes, Campus Giveaway does have tons of AMAZING giveaways for it’s users…someone just won 100 for a valentines dinner yesterday, and in the past, they’ve given away things as amazing as Game Consoles. WHY NOT GET INVOLVED?

Now, a little about my story with Campus Society…

I was approached through my Instagram for this lovely start up online “group” for University Students. They asked me if I would like to be an ambassador for their company. As far as I knew at the time, this meant that I gave them a post or two every now-and-then on my Instagram, and commented on a few things throughout their website. Little did I know how much growth this company had, and how much they had to offer to me…

I’ve been with Campus Society for about 5 months now, and already have they helped me substantially grow my blog, get in touch with new people that live near me with similar interests, and be able to help give advice on my area of expertise (Sport’s Science/ Kinesiology/ Personal Training) to those that need it. They even gave me an opportunity to start my own page on the site relating to my blog, where I am able to post my own blogs, AND link users back to my blog. How lucky is that? Additionally, they have featured my blog, or my posts multiple times throughout their website.

Finally (as if that’s not enough) they have sent me TONS of goodies up to this point. I won UE Roll Bluetooth Speakers from them (for being an ambassador of the month), as well as a few Student Survival kits, and some other goodies like sweets and chocolates.

In conclusion to my massive post, my advice to all of you is to email people, message people, and comment on some photos! It’s all about networking these days, and you’ll never know who you’ll come in contact with! I’ll tell you all more about some more of my collaborations as time goes on!

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