Redemption Bar- Gluten Free and Vegan Resturant

“Spoil Yourself Without Spoiling Yourself” Is their motto. I’ll tell you why!

Whenever I meet my friend Karen, we always try to ensure we either go to a fitness class or catch a bite to eat at whatever trendy restaurant either of us found in London.  Upon trying to decide where to go, Karen came across this amazing little cafe featured on Sunday Brunch. She raved about how good the photos on Instagram look, and how it’s free from gluten, refined sugar, alcohol-free and vegan. Nothing sounded more perfect to attain to my diet and lifestyle, so we figured we would check it out!

First came the choice of which Redemption Bar we should go to: Notting Hill or Shoreditch? I was pleased to find out that this restaurant had two locations, which shows it must be good! We decided to go to the Notting Hill location, as it was the most convenient for the both of us.

Somehow, I mixed up the times and showed up an hour before I was due to meet Karen. This immediately felt awkward as I had already sat down and have been served with a glass of water (and almost one of their infamous alcohol-free cocktails). Once I realised my mistake, I debated whether or not I should go explore the shops or if I should just sit and stay. Needless to say, the female in me decided shopping was much more fun, so the amazing, understanding staff allowed me to keep my seat for when I returned, and leave my bag there as well. This immediately made it feel like I was in a very comfortable environment.

Once I returned, Karen showed up a few minutes later, and immediately the waiters were ready to take our order, with suggestions to go alongside it. I was pleased to see how knowledgeable the staff were about all of the menu items (especially as they change all the time), and how helpful and friendly they were!

For starters, Karen got an Apple Mock-Jito. And let me tell you, it was AMAZING! It was a different taste, nothing I can describe, but totally worth a try! When you go, please test it out. I regretted not getting one.

Next on the menu we ordered a Sweet Potato appetizer. I don’t remember the name of it (as they only have a sample menu online, and change their menu all the time), but it was roasted sweet potatoes with an amazing coconut yogurt (Coyo I’d assume?) and pomegranate seeds! Part of me wishes I got two of these for my main…

For the main, I had my eye on their Buddha Bowls after looking at their Instagram, but unfortunately they are only served for lunch, so I missed out on this. Instead, I had ordered Maki Rolls Platter, which was just as good! With quinoa, avocado, enoki mushroom, sesame seeds and micro amaranth shoots and a side of tamari sauce…what could go wrong? On the other side of things, Karen also made a stellar choice and went with the Eggplant dish. Although I loved my dish, I think hers was my favourite of the night.

Finally for dessert! We couldn’t stop thinking about dessert all night. The whole menu looked so darn good. Luckily, the owner Catherine came over to help us make our decision.

Before I go on about the desserts, I need to elaborate on how kind and friendly she was. She was happy to tell us all about the business, how she started, and about the menu items and how they are created. She also told us about exciting things going on there, such as Made In Chelsea wanting to shoot there! It really is a growing business, and I could see why! After spending about 10 minutes talking with her, she went on to suggest the Bliss Balls, which are raw dark chocolate and date truffles rolled in coconut. These were definitely my favourite food of the night. They were so right, and thick and nailed the texture of conventional unhealthy truffles spot on! In addition to this, we had a FABULOUS Ruby Forest Gateau Cake, which was absolutely exquisite (but unfortunately not as rich as the truffles). Needless to say, we polished off the ENTIRE order that we had, with absolutely no regrets!

Lucky for me as well, I live close enough that i can order more of this amazing food through Deliveroo and Uber. What can get better than this!?

At the end of the day, I give this restaurant a solid 9.5/10. The only thing I would ever want to change about it is to make the Buddha Bowls Available all day. They did an excellent job of catering to a very specific niche market, but I also believe that anyone in the right mind would enjoy this type of food. Although it was a bit pricey, it was definitely worth the while! Thank you Catherine!  Also, thank you Karen for your amazing photos that I used. My camera was acting up that night 😦

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