Who Says Weightlifting Is An Individual Sport?

How do you define a team? A group of people who work together to achieve a simultaneous goal? A group who oppose another group? A well collaborated group who work well together? Not exactly what most people would look at Olympic lifting as then, right? 
I first came into the sport of Olympic Weightlifting thinking that it is very individual, and only I can bring myself up or let myself down. Little did I know that with the right club, this is very…very opposite. Today I had a difficult day at training. It was supposed to be PB day, but instead, I kept failing my lifts, over and over again. I started to become very frustrated until my teammates begun to boost my morale. “It’s just weight” and “you’ve got this” they kept telling me. Although they were being supportive, I still kept failing. It wasn’t until one came up to me and told me that we all have off days, and to just keep trying. He then explained to me how long it took for his lifts to finally “click”, and how many times he’s failed. No matter how frustrated I got, and how many lifts I failed, everyone was still there to give me a high five, and holler at me to keep trying, and keep grinding. After training another messaged me afterwards saying they noticed how frustrated I was, and that I shouldn’t worry, as it’ll get better, I’ll get stronger and the weights will move easier.

This lifted me up and boosted my morale so much that I was able to get to the gym early the next morning and achieve a new PB for my clean and jerk. Thanks team!

I’ve played many team sports before, but in all honesty, this team feels the closest. We all support each other, cheer each other on, and are there when someone is having an off day or even an off week. Even though we all get frustrated when we fail our lifts, nothing is better than being in that environment. The team is friendly, funny, kind and motivational. I know the term “Fit Fam” is thrown around quite a bit, but I now know why.

In all honesty, get involved in a team. No matter what sport it is, a team is a team, and you are there for each other, to push through the hard competitions and lift each other up.


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