Whey Protein- The Good Guru

First I wanted to be clear that this is not a sponsored post!

I do, however, get to announce to you all that I will be teaming up with The Good Guru to bring to you some “Simple, Smart and Honest” products, as they quote. Today I had the opportunity to meet with the Samantha, the HR representative for The Good Guru, and the everlasting impression she left on me was mind-blowing. I have had many companies approach me to collaborate, ambassador or promote them, but never once have I been asked to meet with a member of their team before being allocated an ambassador role. This really set the company apart. Samantha was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and seem interested in how the company could help me rather than how I could help them. This instantly built a positive picture for me about what the company stands for. I felt that this company cared about their customers and ambassadors, rather than the other way around.  I was able to sit down and talk to her about lifting, eating, and even fad diet trends. This is when I realised that this was the company for me!

A quick introduction to the company before I send you all off with a 10% discount code to spend on the supplements of your choice. They offer a line of products from whey, vegan protein and omega 3 supplements, all of which have the smallest amount of ingredients possible. This allows the company to prove that they are genuinely selling the highest quality products, as it is not full of fillers as many other protein brands are. I won’t mention any names, but some companies that you are paying top-price for make their products in the same factories, and even selling the same products as brands such as “lower-quality and lower-priced” brands, but charge you 30x more. The Good Guru luckily does not do this. Their prices are extremely reasonable, and the ingredient lists are minimal (take their Whey for example, there is only 2 ingredients on the list: Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk), and Sunflower Lecithin). Somehow, they even make the products taste great! The second I got my samples from the company, I made some Protein Pancakes…and I’m not going to toot my own horn, but they were definitely the best pancakes I’ve had (and I make pancakes for breakfast literally every day).

Also! I need to give a shout-out to the Omega 3 supplements that they sell! Samantha explained to me the process of how they get the salmon directly from Norway, extract the oils, capsule them in the factory, and get them out to us, in less than 72 hours from when the fish was caught. Insane, right!?

On that note, I will leave you all with a 10% discount code to try it for yourselves!

Discount code: KMSHEALTHXX

Just enter it at checkout!

As for me, I will begin to play in the kitchen with some new recipes to challenge you all to try!

Stay fit xx

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