What Type Of Protein Should I Get?

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Here are my steps to choosing your protein:

  1. Know how much protein you need in a day. The average person needs 0.8-1.2 g/kg of protein per day. This is a very minimal amount, which many people overestimate. My average protein intake per day would realistically be between 38.4g-57.6 g. This isn’t much. One scoop of protein has about 22g of protein, one egg has 6g, and one 120g chicken breast has 31.4 g. With the egg and chicken alone, I am able to meet my protein standards. But, protein shakes are amazing, and I religiously use a scoop of protein powder to make protein pancakes every morning.
  2. Know if your body reacts negatively to any substance. I cannot have gluten or lactose without my stomach being destroyed, so I choose most of my protein accordingly. This is why I love The Good Guru, as there are only 3 ingredients in their proteins.
  3. Know what type of sport you’re using it for and if you should have complex proteins with other additives such as Creatine for increased efficiency. If you’re a weightlifter, for example, creatine plus whey protein is a great mix. Conversely, if you’re an endurance runner, you may opt for something such as an oat and whey mix, or some other electrolyte or carb additive to keep you fuelled.
  4. Although nutrient timing isn’t an issue, some proteins such as Casien are slow-release and are more beneficial to have to recover overnight, whereas proteins such as Whey are quick-release and perfect for post-workout.

Use the discount code KMSHEALTHXX at The Good Guru for cheap, high-quality protein and other supplements 🙂

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