BungaBunga Battersea- £1 pizza…WOW

Tonight I went to dine at Bunga Bunga for the SW11  £1 pizza, and I feel the need to comment on how satisfied I am with the service. Rosa was our waitress, and she went above and beyond what she needed to do while keeping a smile on her face the whole time. Unfortunately, I have a very restricted diet (somehow I’m allergic to just about everything that goes on a pizza), so I am one of those annoying people with very specific orders. My first inquiry was Gluten Free, which Rose quickly informed me that there was no gluten free pizza left for tonight only. I was about to pack up and head home to cook my own dinner when she came back over to my table to inform me that they will get a Gluten Free pizza base from Covent Garden for me. She also stated that it would be a 25-30 minute wait, and was reassuringly sorry. I did not find this wait time long at all and was rather satisfied when I realised how quick I could actually have the pizza. Next, I had ordered a pizza without cheese (as I am lactose intolerant), which again, she kindly accommodated for. Soon after I ordered, however, she came over to tell me that the caramelised onions were cooked using lactose products, so I was able to change my order to avoid having to come home to a very sore stomach. I was very impressed with how attentive she was, and how she informed me of this (I have never had that before, waiters usually take the order as it is). Finally, since the pizza bases that came in weren’t as large as the regular Bunga Bunga bases, I was given 2 pizzas to enjoy. This again, made me very impressed with the restaurant and the service.

Also, the pizza tasted amazing (I got a pizza called Italy’s Fun Guy, which had mushrooms, truffle oil and sundried tomatoes, and lucky for me, also some chicken since I didn’t have cheese). BungaBunga has a great selection of different pizzas and Calzones, and if you live in the area and have an SW11 card, every Monday you can get a £1 pizza. My roommates and I have now made it a weekly tradition to go for pizza after we all get off work, and will continue to keep it up while we live in the area. Keep it up BungaBunga! We’ll join for a Boozy Brunch soon enough as well!

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