Namaste- Mindfulness and Holism

Recently, I’ve been practising to be more holistic and mindful. Why you ask? Well, I am currently doing a Masters degree, working 20 hours a week, and on a Weightlifting Team. Needless to say, my life is rather busy, and I get very stressed and anxious at times, especially when I feel I am falling behind. This being said, I decided I needed to do something about it to find myself, and also to get away from myself (ironic, right?). I have now set up some methods for myself to get passed these bad days, which I found especially useful after my house got burgled yesterday and my bike was stolen (security= essential for mindfulness, physical activity and cycling= just as essential for someone like me).  I’m going to give a quick run through of the few things I am implementing now and will elaborate on them in further posts in the future, as I discover if they do or do not work for me.

  1. Diary- every evening before I go to bed, I write in a notebook about three things:
    •  One good thing about the day (i.e. help an elder with their groceries)
    • One thing I can improve on the next day  (i.e. only allow myself 30 minutes on social media)
    • One thing I learned (this one is self-explanatory)
  2. Meditate-I just decided the other day that I am going to allow (not force) myself to go to the park nearest my house every morning before my workout to Meditate for 10 minutes. Currently, I am finding it difficult to stay in the zone for any longer than that, so I figured 10 minutes is a good goal for now.
  3. Set Daily Intentions- Whether it’s as simple as literally stopping to smell the flowers on my day to work, or something a bit more difficult such as “complete the methods section of my dissertation”…it helps fuel you and ensure you are productive
  4. Follow through with all plans- This goes along with the previous post- I never want to be known as the friend who bails, or the friend who suggest plans but never carries them out. I noticed I started to slowly do this, and want to make sure that I don’t let myself fall into that hole. This being said, if I say “we must try ___ restaurant one day”, I will make sure I will make plans to do it as promptly as possible…hense my random, spur of the moment Dublin booking with some friends from work.
  5. Remind myself of 3 things I am thankful for- Every. Darn. Day! Today, I am thankful for my amazing flatmates, my first-class education and my amazing new job and the supportive Cycle-To-Work Scheme.

So remember friends- Stay mindful, stay happy and stay positive ❤



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