Empowered Women Empower Women

As Sweaty Betty now quotes “Empowered Women Empower Women” and I can definitely agree with this as a motto for the company. I have the lucky opportunity to work with many…MANY empowered women, and leave after each shift happier and more fulfilled than when I went into work. I’ll give you my favourite  story why:

One day after work, some of the girls and I went out for some food and drinks to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. Recently, a few new girls were hired and brought on to our team. Amongst these, one girl quickly accelerated, picked up on the job better than anyone I have ever seen, and fit in with the group immediately. Her enthusiasm and positivity reflected well with everyone else in the shop. Unfortunatly, we had one girl who is taking a little longer than usual to become proficient at the job and fit in with the group (I promise, no one’s excluding her, and everyone is activtly trying to help; it’s just due to different work ethics and personality types- which is NEVER a bad thing!). This lead to some frustration amongst everyone else on shift, as many things were out of place, or done incorrectly (again, just because she hasn’t learnt yet). It became a bit of a discussion until one girl piped up and said:

“Let’s never put anyone down. We can all work together and teach her how to do everything the way we’re all used to it being done. How about we pick her up rather than put her down? We can make it a personal challenge for ourselves, for each of us to want to help her, and socialise with her, and try to get to know her! She was brought to the team for a reason, so let’s find out why!”

Immediately, this lead to some tears, and some realisations. My coworkers are more than just coworkers, were a TEAM, we’re FRIENDS, and at the end of the day, we’re all there to help each other grow, hear out any situation, give advice and EMPOWEReach otherr. Every day, at all hours, all you here are compliment after compliment coming from all the girls mouths, and they’re all actually genuine. Rarely will you get it where every day someone tells you about something that they like about you, or how nice you look today, or how darn good you look in that crop top! But here, they do! Also, I have been lucky enough to identify with all these girls, and find real friends. It’s a group full of girls just like me- happy, outgoing, and extremely expressive, and not to mention- SUPER INTO FITNESS! I get excited every day to go into work to see these girls, hear about how they are, and make more brunch and workout plans!

So what is the moral of my story? There are a few:

  1. Find a job you LOVE
  2. Find a team you love
  3. Only empower people- never put them down, never talk negatively
  4. Compliment the hell out of anyone and everyone (as long as it’s genuine). No one has gotten mad from being told they have a great smile, or their new haircut looks bangin’!

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