Love your body for what it does, not how it looks

In the abyss of all this social media, we all know we are now more vulnerable than ever to insecurities. As much as we try to convince ourselves that people only post the glorious moments of their lives on media, and stay away from the not-so-glamours times, we still can’t help but feel a little insecure. It’s so easy to envy those who look amazing, travel everywhere, eat all the good food, are “always social” and are in that perfect relationship. What we only periodically remember is that these people, too, get bloated, sometimes struggle with finances, eat grilled cheeses and stay in to watch Netflix. 
So how do we get over this? It’s almost impossible, but there are some options to help a little! 

1. This is my favourite way of reframing things. Being a physio I have trained to understand the biomechanics of the body and how truly amazing it is how it works! We can move in so many dynamic ways, and achieve incredible things with it. So I may not have the glutes of a goddess, or abs of steel, but I can squat almost double my body weight. I think that’s pretty great, personally! So now my goals are no longer going to be framed around aesthetics… they’ll only be performance based! 

2. Social media detox! I thought I couldn’t do it, but lately I have been. I switched off mobile data for all apps on my phone besides Safari and Google Maps, and only allow myself social media time when I’m connected to Wifi. Another twist to make it even harder- I won’t allow myself to connect to any new wifi networks unless I’m going to be at the venue for >1 hour

3. Keep a journal. Each night write down one good thing about the day, one thing you’d love to improve and one thing you’ve learnt. At the end of the month, read over the first and last point and I promise it’ll make you smile 

4. Don’t look at social media just before bed. Doing so may lead you to dwell on thoughts throughout the night. 

5. Before and after you meet with friends, think about why you value them, and how important your friendship is. It’ll make seeing them that much sweeter

6. Stop comparing. Count your blessings. Think about what you CAN do and what you LIKE about yourself. I like that I am good at thoughtful gifts, and I love that I can walk as far as I want in a day without pain or exhaustion. My body works great! 

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